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Cruises Are A Great Way To Spend Luxury Vacations

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Any travel agent worth their salt will ask a client interested in a luxury travel vacation what kind of travel they are interested in. Based on the traveler’s experience and personal preferences, the travel agent will recommend independent travel, guided tours or a cruise. One of my personal favorites is the cruise experience.

A cruise is perfect for travelers interested in getting the best value, looking for convince and interested in a variety of operators and itineraries.

Value of Luxury Vacations

When pricing out a cruise, keep in mind that the price includes a lot of amenities and extras that guided tours and independent travel packages may not include. Of course, the price of your cruise includes accommodations, but they also include all food. Each cruise provider is a bit different in the dining options they provide, but rest assured that there are basic dining options available that are included in the price. Some cruise lines will include beverages, although each cruise provider differs. Your price also includes on board entertainment. From movies under the stars, instructional classes, ice cream socials and nightly shows, your cruise line will guarantee something to entertain everyone.


Convenience of Luxury Vacations

If you are interested in doing a grand tour of Europe, the travel from each country can be a drag. To board a train, bus or airplane every other day for two weeks can detract from the over all experience. And it is not just the travel; it is also the hassle of packing and unpacking. How can you enjoy the ambience and relaxation that your trip is supposed to be when you are constantly rushing to the next destination? Cruises simplify this process by allowing you to visit numerous ports, without the hassle of packing and unpacking. Plus, you never even realize all the traveling you do. You simply wake up in a new port. No matter if you wish to explore the coast of Italy, or if you would like to explore each continent on a luxury world cruise, there are plenty of ways cruising makes your travel experience more convenient.

Variety of Luxury Vacations

Some people often rebuff suggestions of cruising because they leave only on specific travel dates. However, the cruising industry has grown in the last few years by leaps and bounds. With over thirty cruise lines offering several itineraries that create the perfect luxury travel vacation, there have never been more options. With cruises going all over the world, even to destinations such as Antarctica, travelers can find the perfect cruise to the perfect destination at any time!

Today, travelers interested in luxury vacations are choosing a new experience for their vacations: Cruising. Cruising offers some of the greatest deals in travel today. The per person price covers the cost of accommodations, food and on board entertainment. You also get the convenience of seeing several areas, without the hassle of packing and unpacking, or being transported via bus or airplane. And there are more cruise providers than ever before, offering a number of different itineraries on almost any date. With so many upsides to cruising, travelers are flocking to this type of travel.

Visit Fiji

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Fiji is probably one of the few places you would name when you are asked what tropical exotic destination would you like to visit.

It is also not as many of us had first thought, just an island. Do you realize there are 333 islands that go to make up Fiji, and they are all different. Fiji is in fact an archipelago, and it stands at the crossroads of the South Pacific. The main island which is called Viti Levu sees the arrival of nearly 100 international flights every week, with most of the tourists arriving , and then taking a short flight of between 7-10 minutes or longer up to an hour to take them to one of the many offshore island resorts.

Where you go, and what you do is very much up to you. You can find real excitement or peace and quiet. You can surf the Cloud Breaker at Tavarua, scuba dive the White Wall, snorkel over giant rainbow gardens of soft coral.

You can fall in love with the smiles and welcome of the people, the hollow log drums beating a welcome, wear flowers in your hair, and be like the local people. If you want to you can just float in the calm turquoise waters of a lagoon, or just idle your day away in a lush tropical rainforest. Yes it does rain, and heavily too!!

A Fijian rainbath is a joy in itself, when the tropical downpour begins, rush outside with everyone else and feel the warm torrential rain, enjoy it, because it never lasts for long.

The choice of island resorts is incredible from Matangi Island and Horshoe Shaped Beach, Namenalala Island, Vanua Levu and the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands resort, to Taveuni Island the soft coral capital of the world, Vatulele Island Resort, The Wakaya Club, The Yasawa Islands, to name a few.


Go there, experience it, you only live once and Fiji is the place to live it.

Consider A Caribbean Cruise Special

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Caribbean Cruise Special

Come winter and your mind wanders to the lovely cruise ship sailing on the idle waters in your Caribbean cruise special. Why not make that dream come true? You may have the time of your life and the kids will love it as well. The best part of a cruise, as you would know, is a hassle-free trip where you are greeted with a fresh new panorama every morning and you unpack only once. Besides, your accommodation, food, entertainment, etc all are paid for in one price. However, if you decide on a Caribbean cruise this winter then choose a Caribbean cruise special. It is simply great.

A Caribbean cruise special often comes in several versions like a choice between a three, five or seven-day cruise, though people mostly prefer the latter as that offers four different destinations yet provides a couple of days cruising the calm seas with nothing to do but relax with a capital R.

Though a Caribbean cruise special comes “all inclusive”, i.e. your food, sleeping quarters and everything else paid for in one price, you may have to pay for alcoholic drinks as most of the cruise companies keep the bar apart from their usual fare. In some cases, even the tips are well looked after but here again, decency demands a generous tip to cabin and dining room stewards/stewardess.

Caribbean Cruise Special – How To Look For And Book A Cruise


Most travel agents offer a wide variety of choices in regard to a Caribbean cruise special. As a matter of fact, all cruise companies look forward to the winter season when they customarily offer their best ships for these specials. Here are some cruise lines to narrow down your choice – take the Royal Caribbean cruise or Celebrity cruise or Holland America Line, Carnival Cruise and of course, the Norwegian cruise Line. You are advised to carry out an online search to find out more about the various cruise companies, options and their specials.

Consider a Caribbean Cruise Special – If you are cruising for the first time

You want to find out whether a cruise is for you so do some research before deciding on a particular Caribbean cruise, otherwise you could be disappointed if it does not meet your expectations. Don’t forget you cannot leave the ship once you are aboard. For example, if you are a happy jovial young family, you will surely like Carnival cruises which are popularly called “Fun Cruises” as they cater for younger families and are always jam packed with parties and revelry. You may, on the other hand, prefer Holland America Line for the peace and tranquility aboard the ship if you prefer the quieter life, looking for peace and serenity on the high seas.

A Caribbean cruise special could be just the ticket for your winter vacation but choose carefully and I am sure you will have the time of your life.

Take A Tobago Vacation

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A Tobago vacation is something special, wherever you go, there will be aTobago beach just right for you, and wherever you choose to stay there will be a Tobago resort, Tobago Hotel, or a Tobago villa that is just right for you.

So what will you find when you go to Tobago on your Tobago vacation.

There is no doubt you will find picture postcard beaches with beautiful coral reefs containing some incredible wildlife including Manta Rays and giant Turtles.

Tobago is situated in the South Caribbean Sea being just 8 miles wide and 26 miles long, just north east of the island of Trinidad, and South East of Grenada. It is blessed with great weather and it doesn’t suffer from hurricanes being south of the hurricane belt. This makes it small enough that you can explore all the island in a couple of days, but not so small as to be claustrophobic.


When you explore Tobago you will find the locals are incredibly friendly, and you feel very safe. As you travel around Tobago you will find lovely uncommercialized little hamlets and villages with a background of either dense forest, calm blue Caribbean Sea or steep hillsides.

So what exactly has Tobago got that the rest of the Caribbean doesn’t have?

You won’t get dozens of five star glitzy resorts, nor will you get nightlife, so if that is what you want a Tobago vacation is not for you.

The pace of life in Tobago is a cross between slow and even slower!! Tobago is a place to chill out, so just arrive, sit back and relax!!

People who have taken a Tobago vacation will tell you that even as they step off the plane, they can feel the stress just slip away almost immediately. All you will see are huge broad smiles from the taxi driver to your hotel receptionist. On the way you will see the turquoise blue Caribbean, then either a cold Carib beer or a rum punch on arrival at your destination, where the best thing of all is that Tobago makes you feel welcome.

A Tobago vacation is a one off, this is unlike anywhere else in the world, and the number of repeat visitors is evidence of that.

7 Charming Places to Visit in Cuba

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Most voyagers to Cuba make them thing in like manner; they tend to stay with the better-known zones of Havana, Varadero or Cayo Coco. Shockingly for those voyagers they are passing up a great opportunity for a wealth of enchanting towns that offer vacationers a life-changing background.

In the event that you truly need to encounter bona fide rum, stogies, Rumba music and exemplary 50’s autos, there is no preferred place to visit over these seven beguiling residential areas.

7. Baracoa

Cuba’s most established and most segregated town is situated over the slopes and on the wet and blustery side of the Cuchillos del Toa Mountains. Try not to let that direct you far from encountering the climate and individuals here, best portrayed as secretive, strange, abnormal and stimulating. Disengaged shorelines and virgin rainforests asking to be investigated encompass the pristine pioneer town. You won’t locate any favor lodgings or resorts here either, guests will remain in casa specific or as we probably am aware them a quaint little inn. Expect home cooked suppers of fricasseed chicken, beans, sweet plantains or new fish. This is the place where there is incredible precipitation and numerous waterways, which implies the lavish green vegetation flourishes and guests shouldn’t miss sailing between the tall bluffs at the mouth of the Yumuri River. Head into the mountains to see the stone zoo, where a rancher who showed himself to shape has made more than 400 creatures out of the first stone. Baracoa, to a great extent unfamiliar and the ideal enchanting residential community to find in Cuba.

6. Matanzas

Welcome to the ‘genuine Cuba’ is an expression that is regularly connected with Matanzas. The city offers little in the method for standard visitor locates however offers a huge amount of under-the-radar delights. This town is the home of Cuba’s finest common theaters and is the origination of the vast majority of the articulate artists and authors. Two types of Cuban music were brought forth here, the danzon and rumba, alongside different religions of African cause. It is a town stacked with fascinating history and flourishing with social life. There are a couple shorelines here, near the downtown focus where local people are regularly observed swimming and angling and guests are constantly welcome to join. More than likely however you will hear some out drummers in the Marina neighborhood, hanging with the craftsmen and moving the evenings away in the city. Hope to remain in casa specific, eat astonishing naturally made nourishment and meet probably the most fascinating individuals in the nation.

5. Santiago de Cuba

Situated on the southern edge of Cuba, this is the second most imperative city in Cuba after Havana and one of two things will happen when you visit; you will love it or loathe it. This city can be taken one of two ways, the first as a hot city loaded with tricksters and hagglers or a beguiling social capital that has had a critical impact in Cuban social history. No place else in Cuba will you discover such a blend of different individuals and history, Castro utilized this city to dispatch his nationalistic unrest, the principal rum processing plant was worked here and pretty much every Cuban music type initially radiated from here. Travelers here are invited with open arms and there are a lot of lodgings and casa specific to remain in, regardless of whether on the shoreline or in the city. Walk around the winding roads, have picnics in the shady stops or visit the galleries and theater and find this enchanting city in Cuba.

4. Holguin

They say that Christopher Columbus ventured out Cuba here, and whether that is valid or not, the general population of Holguin will savagely safeguard that announcement. This is where you will locate the most close and pleasant shorelines in Cuba, with warm turquoise waters and thick vegetation. Holguin is not only a town but rather a genuine territory too, and numerous residential areas make up this range. Most guests here invest their energy snorkeling, scuba jumping, swimming, horseback riding and cycling. The city of Holguin is known for its delightful parks, open squares and social focuses. A standout amongst the most one of a kind Holguin attractions is the Museo Indocubano in Banes, which has a noteworthy gathering of relics from pre-Columbian Cuban culture. Regardless of whether you remain in one of the bigger resorts or remain in the real town of Holguin, it won’t frustrate.

3. Camaguey

It is the most Spanish of the Cuban urban communities and it is here where you can even now observe kids kicking balls in the road and old men and ladies sitting on the stoops watching the general population cruise by. Strolling around this town is one of the most loved things to do, the lanes are composed like a labyrinth and it is anything but difficult to get lost for a considerable length of time meandering around. The memorable focus is viewed as one of the biggest and best saved on the island and the towering extravagant houses of worship joy guests. One of the more novel elements in this town is the enriching tinajones (ceramic containers) in the city. The general population of Camagüey initially delivered the containers to gather water amid a dry season and now they are an embellishing trademark. Workmanship exhibitions and open squares welcome guests in, and don’t be shocked in the event that you wind up leaving here with more than one bit of craftsmanship.

2. Cienfuegos

This enchanting waterfront city is arranged on the narrows of a similar name and is really a beautiful nautical setting, winning its name “the Pearl of the South”. The reefs along the coastline are completely staggering and draw jumpers from everywhere throughout the world, and additionally kayakers and boaters who anticipate the quiet waters. The design in this city likewise draws guests who anticipate finding the forcing strongholds and the Cultural Center. It is likewise here where you will locate the longest road fixed with trees in Cuba. There is no deficiency of parks, bars, eateries and inns to engage any guests to the zone.

1. Trinidad

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is largely unknown when it comes to visitors outside of the country but we highly suggest making your way here on your next visit to Cuba. This charming town is full of museums and many proclaim that the actual town itself is just one big museum. The clip clop sounds of horse hooves play out on the cobblestone streets while local men sell bread from their bicycle baskets. But don’t be fooled by this sleepy town, there is quite the happening nightlife that takes place after the sun goes down. Visit one of two discos, especially the one that is located inside the cave or visit one of the new private restaurants that have popped up in recent years. Cultural walking tours, cycles to the beach and steam train trips are just a slice of what you can do here in this town.