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Sydney The Best Tourist Attraction

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Sydney, Australia is one of the world’s best travel destinations. It is home to some of the finest restaurants, wineries, and beaches. A trip to Sydney would not be complete without seeing the fabulous Sydney Harbor showcasing the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Sydney is known for having the friendliest people, so you’ll feel right at home. Perhaps that is why Sydney has been voted the best city in the world for visitors six consecutive years.

Hunter Valley Wineries
Australia’s oldest, most visited wine region is an easy two-hour drive from Sydney. There are about 120 wineries to visit. Part of the fun is discovering an excellent wine that you can’t buy just anywhere. There’s nothing like tasting a wine on the site where the wine was made and with the person who made it.

The Hunter Valley is also well known for its gourmet restaurants, all of which make good use of the local produce. Hunter Valley beef, duck, cheeses, olives, stone fruits and honey are all found in the area. There are also lots of things to do, from touring wine cellars to relaxing in luxurious day spas.


Sydney Harbor

Sydney sits on one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. The harbor provides the perfect backdrop for sailing, swimming, fishing, jetboating, dining, and harbor tours by ferry or seaplane.

Climbing the Harbor Bridge is also a favorite for tourists, which takes you from the base to the summit of the famous bridge’s arch.

If you’re looking for a more leisurely tour of Sydney, a Harbor cruise is the perfect scenic adventure. Short Harbor cruises will allow you to do some sightseeing for an hour or so. The sunset dinner cruises offer a romantic dinner for two while listening to the world’s most popular arias from the Opera House.

Regardless of how you choose to see the sights, Sydney Harbor offers exciting adventures, relaxing tours, and one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Opera House
The Opera House nestled in Sydney Harbor is an architectural wonder! You can take a walking tour of the famous theater with a knowledgeable guide, or attend one of the many performances held at Sydney’s Opera House. They even offer a backstage tour of the Opera House so you can stand on stage and meet the performers, stars, and staff.

Sydney Accommodations
When staying in Sydney, you’ll find fantastic accommodations. Two of my favorites are the North Sydney Harbourview Hotel and Four Points by Sheraton Darling Harbour.

The Harbourview Hotel has spectacular views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the city’s skyline. Known for its uncompromising service, the Harbourview is close to tourist attractions like the Taronga Zoo and the Bridge Climb.

The Sheraton’s Four Points overlooks the Darling Harbour and is minutes from all the best tourist attractions in Sydney. You’ll be right in the thick of the entertainment and dining center of Sydney. Don’t forget to stop in the hotel’s restaurant for an elegant seafood buffet. You won’t want to miss it.

Sydney Beaches
With over 240 days of sun and clear blue skies, you cannot leave Sydney without visiting one of the sprawling sandy beaches. The coast line of New South Wales has miles of unspoiled beaches perfect for swimming, surfing, coastal walks and scenic drives. Some of the most popular Sydney beaches include Byron Bay, Coffs Coast, Bondi, Ballina, Port Macquarie and Crescent Head.

No matter which activities interest you, there will be endless fun and adventurous things to see in Sydney Australia. If you’re planning on visiting Sydney, make sure to plan enough time to see all the culture and history this city has to offer.

Where are the best places to surf in California

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The Beach Boys made California synonymous with surfing on the world stage but it with the ocean and beautiful shores; it was already “the” place to surf!

If you feel like some fun hitting the waves, you’ll want to head to one of the following beaches in California; with the good weather and great waves, they’re some of the most popular surfing areas in the world!

Huntington Beach: Home to the Huntington Beach Surf Series, numerous expert surfers call this their home. Situated in Orange County (the genuine OC!) this is likely a standout amongst the most mainstream spots to surf on the planet. They even have a congregation in the region only for surfers. Now that is conveying otherworldly to the general population!

San Diego: Warm climate and incredible waves is the thing that you’ll discover at San Diego. An expansive surfing group has sprung up in the San Diego region, and you’ll discover numerous local people are hitting the waves alongside the vacationers!

Santa Clause Cruz: You’ll have a ton of fun at the shorelines of Santa Cruz! For an enthusiastic surfer, Santa Cruz is a most loved territory to locate the best waves.

A ton of surfers, particularly the individuals who are more experienced, have favored conditions in which to surf thus a considerable measure of the more famous shorelines have webcams (surf cams) set up confronting the waves so that a surfer can go to a site and look at the conditions before they make a beeline for the shoreline. There are additionally committed telephone numbers you can get to discover the climate conditions, on the off chance that you want to get your data that way.

In case you’re hoping to figure out how to surf however don’t know where to begin, you’ll see that there are many surfing schools up and down the shorelines of California. The shifted determination makes it simple to discover one that fits your level of understanding and learning style, and your wallet. On the other hand you could simply set out toward the shoreline and hang out with the surfers to get tips!


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The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the parks first of America, and it is one of the most popular with visitors from across the country tourism destinations in the world being inspired by the breathtaking beauty of every day.

The canyon of the Colorado River has cut through the Gorge, is approximately 275 miles long and a quarter mile 15 miles wide (average is about 10 miles), depending on where you are standing.

It is also a mile deep which means that it is a challenge that many people enjoy hiking (or roll) downwards in the throat.

There are two distinct parts of the Grand Canyon, more arranged traveler South Rim, which is open year-round and most confined North drift which is shut amid the winter season.On the South drift, there are a few open doors for finding out about the gully and the methods for encountering direct – if a visit transport at perception focuses to circumstances photograph, climbing trails, downhill along the stream or even take a flight from gorge.Sur North Coast, be that as it may, you will locate the Grand Canyon all the more wildly made preparations for the catching of mercantilism, with the majority of the source examples of light on the dividers of the ravine as day transforms into night of rushes.

In the event that you are arranging heading out to this extremely mainstream spot in the USA, here are a couple of things you have to consider before beginning your experience.

1. On the off chance that you have a considerable measure of time to research and deal with your excursion to the Grand Canyon, extraordinary! If not, you might need to consider a travel operator, to ensure you are finding out about all the fun and fascinating things to do on your trek.

2. How are you arriving? Some get a kick out of the chance to take a street outing to the Grand Canyon and experience different areas en route. Before you attempt to go this course, you might need to think about a couple of things including the state of your vehicle, and the rising cost of gas.

3. Ensure you have the garments you require with you. A few people pack the wrong garments for an outing. Keep in mind where you are going and consider garments that would be useful for climbing, and additionally something on the off chance that it downpours. Additionally remember the temperatures can drop generously around evening time here, so you ought to pack something to keep warm.

4. Notwithstanding garments there are a considerable measure of different things you have to recollect to pack when taking off on this sort of experience. On the off chance that you are going climbing try to have things, for example, water bottles, a compass, guide, and a few supplies incase you happen to get lost. Likewise recall medical aid things and sunscreen to abstain from getting a sunburn. Keep in mind to pack any of the toiletries you would use at home. This incorporates toothbrush and toothpaste, clean supplies, and different things you may use with your every day shower.

5. In the event that the children are running with you, it is critical to check ahead with the resort or inn you will remain at to check whether there are choices of things for the children to do, or keeping an eye on the off chance that they get drained and the grown-ups might at present want to go out.

6. Many individuals take their pets on an excursion nowadays. While it’s incredible to have these textured individuals from your family with you, make a point to check ahead with your hotel goal to check whether pets are permitted, and on the off chance that they have housing for the creatures when you visit attractions that don’t permit them.

7. Try not to set yourself up to be a casualty. When you travel, you ought to attempt to not have a considerable measure of money on you anytime. Somebody may see it and think of you as a simple target. The best type of cash for a trek is explorer’s watches that can be immediately crossed out on the off chance that they are stolen. Likewise don’t convey the greater part of your Mastercards on the double. That way, were the most noticeably bad to happen, you would even now have entry to some cash to deal with your family.

Las Vegas Is The Most Exciting City In The World

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The city of Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world and it has held that distinction for many years. This is a city that truly never sleeps and it is an eternal delight to the tourists who flock there to enjoy it’s amazing huge casinos along with it’s more family friendly attractions.

The city is situated in the deserts of Nevada not that far from Los Angeles, California. It is an attractive tourist spot for many reasons. Along with the 24 hours a day gambling in America’s biggest casinos, there are exciting shows and exhibits to see which are suitable for the whole family.

Among the fantastic shows that you can see in Vegas is the magic show of David Copperfield at the Mirage Hotel. You can also opt to visit an exhibit about the life of rock n roll legend Elvis Presley.

You’ll want to spend time wandering up and down the famous Las Vegas strip which has so much going on that it can be overwhelming at times. The electricity and energy pulsating through this city is incredible!


Of course the biggest thing that Vegas is known for is it’s casinos. Vegas is a gambler’s paradise. Many people love to visit the city of Las Vegas because they can gamble. They have dreams of “hitting it big” and winning a fortune! While this dream doesn’t come true for most, the attempt can be quite thrilling.

Music is another exciting feature of this city that is like no other in the world. Famous singers such as Celine Dion and Elton John frequently perform in Vegas.

Of course the biggest musical related show in Las Vegas is The Beatles themed Cirque de Soleil: Love. This amazing show combines the theatrics of Cirque de Soleil with the timeless music of The Beatles. If you already have the Love CD then you’ll have some idea of what to expect as far as the revisualization of The Beatles music. If you haven’t heard the Love CD then it’s highly recommend that you purchase it now.

The hotels in Las Vegas are among the most luxurious in the world and almost all of the hotels in Vegas have a huge casino inside! You can have an incredible time in Vegas without ever leaving your hotel! Among the incredible luxury hotels in Vegas is the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel which is located on the aptly named Paradise Road.

Even the Super 8 Motel in Las Vegas is exciting! The Super 8 in Vegas is the biggest Super 8 in the whole world and it includes a pool which you have 24 hour access to. And while it is one of the few Vegas hotels without a casino inside, it does have a casino right next door.

If you want to stay at the largest casino on the Las Vegas strip then you should stay at the Golden Nugget Casino & Hotel which has over 45,000 square feet of casino space.

Almost anywhere you stay in Vegas will be a great selection because everything is more luxurious and exciting in Las Vegas.

South Pacific Resort Called Paradise D’ouvea

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Looking for a South Pacific Island Beach Resort that is situated in an impossibly beautiful place, then look no further than the Hotel Paradis D’Ouvea which is situated on the island of Ouvea in the Loyalty Islands Group in New Caledonia.

To get a picture of what a Pacific Ocean paradise is like, just imagine a 30 mile long blue lagoon with only one hotel sitting on a white sand beach, and you have the beach virtually all to yourself.

The four star Paradis D’Ouvre is the only quality hotel in the Loyalty Islands, which are a group of four islands a short flight away from the Capital of New Caledonia to the north. It has 15 cottages type villas, and ten of them are on the beach, whilst four of the others which have two bedrooms are further back, with only one ‘family’ style cottage is on the beach.

The accommodation is spacious and perfectly adequately furnished, with large verandahs, but it is important to remember that Ouvea is a remote South West Pacific Island and so standards cannot be compared to say Europe.

Ouvea is very much a place for a South Pacific Honeymoon or a romantic getaway, because there really is nothing to do here.


You will take long walks along absolutely deserted beaches, and of course go swimming in just about the most perfect blue-turquoise-azure sea you will ever see in your life. Then there is snorkelling, and reading all the books you never have time to read at home, or just having quality time with the person you most want to have quality time with, whilst pretending you are Robinson Cruso!!

October is probably a good time to go, being at the end of the cooler time, and outside the tropical cyclone period.

Remoteness and beauty such as you will find on Ouvea does come at a price, and not just the cost of getting here which is expensive anyway. An apparent Pacific Ocean paradise is the ultimate romantic getaway, but you should be aware of some of the following challenges.

The main difficulty anywhere in New Caledonia is in regards to food and drink, and the same holds true at Paradis D’Ouvea. There is no room service, the mini bar is barely adequate, and if you are hungry between meals, then it is very difficult to get snacks, or drink outside happy hour.

If you were able to get your hands on a member of staff at these times, then they would almost certainly oblige you, but that seems to be difficult.

Whilst one of the joys of a remote Pacific Island like Ouvea is the remoteness of it, this also means there are no shops nearby to supplement your rations, but of course it is just this remoteness that appeals to some.

The restaurant at the Paradis D’Ouvea is good by Pacific beach resort standards, and the food is well prepared and presented, but there are only about four choices of main course on the dinner menu. As the recommendation would be that you visit The Paradis D’Ouvea as part of an overall tour of the area, then you might stay here for three or four nights, so the lack of choice on the menu won’t be a problem. You can eat at the Gazebo on the beach under the stars for a real romantic dinner.

There is a swimming pool, but with the incredible beach location of the hotel, you won’t be using it much.
Be aware that there is a huge number of Japanese honeymooners here during the week and local French people at the weekends. In fact the first language of the website is Japanese.

Having said all that, even with the slight drawbacks, if you are looking for an idyllic Pacific Island, Lagoon, endless white sand beach for your getaway, then the Paradis D’Ouvea will more than fit the bill.

Choose The South Male Atoll For Your Maldives Island Hideaway

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Maldives Resorts

Before booking a holiday in the Maldives, you need to find out a lot about your hotel in the Maldives, especially if it is to be your honeymoon Hotel in the Maldives, the island hideaway of your dreams. You can do a lot worse than to concentrate your search on the South Male Atoll

The South Kaafu or Male Atoll is just below North Kaafu Atoll and this is the place in Maldives where tourism first started.

The whole Male atoll, both North and South is really the tourist centre of the Maldives and has the largest number of resorts. There are a lot of diving and surfing sites on this atoll.

This is quite a large list of Hotels in the Maldives on the South Male Atoll. They are about as close to the airport as you can get. This information can be used as a basis of further investigation before you choose your Hotel in the Maldives.


It’s a big decision to make when you book a vacation to the Maldives, because you might feel that one beautiful palm fringed island surrounded by turquoise sea, a multicoloured and faceted reef, and thousands of brightly coloured marine life to view is much like another.

This just isn’t true. Each island, each hotel is different.

You need to think about the size of the island, the number of rooms, where the rooms are situated. You need to work out how small and intimate you want it to be, bearing in mind that an island you can walk around in ten minutes may appear to be paradise at first but become claustrophobic very quickly. You might view the boat trip to the island with horror, so you need to know how long the transfer is.

The list of South Male hotels isn’t complete, but should form a basis for investigation before you make a decision on your holiday in the Maldives

Anantara Resort Maldives is a 5 star deluxe hotel which opened in 2006, with 110 rooms, it is 35 kms from the airport, and takes 35 minutes in a speedboat.

Biyadhoo Island Resort is a 3 star hotel with 96 rooms, and it is 29 Kms from the airport with a speedboat transfer time of 60 minutes.

Bolifushi Island Resort is a 4 star resort, some 12 Kms. From the airport with 55 rooms, and a 30 minute transfer by speedboat.

Club Rannalhi is a 4 star hotel with 116 rooms, situated 35 Kms from the airport with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Cocoa Island Resort is a 5 star deluxe hotel with 36 rooms, situated 30 Km from the airport, and is a 30 minute transfer by speedboat.

Embudu Village is a 3 star Hotel with 124 rooms, and is 8Kms from the airport, with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Fihalhohi Island Resort is a 3 star resort with 150 rooms, and it is 28Km from the airport with a 60 minute transfer by speedboat.

Fun Island Resort is a 4 star resort with 100 rooms, and it is 38 Kms from the airport with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Kandooma Tourist Resort is a 3 star hotel which has 124 rooms, and is under renovation.

Laguna Maldives is a 5 star resort with 132 rooms, is 12 Km from the airport, and a twenty minute transfer by speedboat.

Olhuveli Beach & Spa is a 4 star hotel with 129 rooms, situated 36 Kms from the airport and is a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Rihiveli Maldives is a 4 star hotel with 48 rooms, and is 49 Kms from the airport which is a 45 minute transfer by speedbo

Visit Dumaguete In The Philippines

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Dumaguete City is the main City of Negros Oriental. A small city that is flooded of tourists every year because of its local attractions and a place of learning of highest quality in the south. Dumaguete City ‘a city of gentle people’ is place that is worth a visit when you are in the run for adventure and fun. Its not just Dumaguete itself that makes it all wonderful, its the people, the attractions, the food… hmmm… you got to love the food.

Dumaguete City is located in Visayas, west of Cebu Island, south of Negros Occidental. Dumaguete City is not like those Cities in Manila, Cebu, Davao that is crowded of people and smoke, pollution and such. As i said its a small city. A small city that that is worldy known as a motorcycle capital of the World. with around 20,000 registered users of motorcyclists. it is not because Dumagueteneos cant afford cars, it is that Dumaguete have very narrow streets.

The Dumaguete Boulevard is one of the best tourist attraction in the island. it faces the Mindanao sea and glows with glory as seen on boats coming from the neighboring islands. It is a place for friends to hang out and eat sidewalk foods like ‘tempura’ and fish balls, and for lovers to…


<blockquote>well fall in love all over again. simply the Dumaguete boulevard is a beautiful attraction that must not be missed when someone visits the island.</blockquote>

Aside from being an attraction spot, Dumaguete is also known as the ‘center of learning in the south’. You might ask Why? Well because Dumaguete centers the of the most prestigious university in Asia. Silliman University, the first American University in Asia centers in Dumaguete City. A University that is flooded with students, be it local and international for its quality education. Silliman University brought out the name of Dumaguete to the world. Aside from Silliman the city is also the home for several other universities and colleges like Foundation University, St. Paul’s University and colleges like AMA, STI, ACSAT, COSCA and many more.

Dumaguete is indeed a University City and should be a choice when one is choosing for a place to study here in the Visayas.

Dumaguete City holds local events or fiesta annually and during these times the City it at its peak of magnificence. Dumaguete City annually holds ‘Buglasan’ festival. A festival about the different municipalities and cities showing off thier local delicacies and wonders depicted in small housing stuctures and monuments. It is one of the cities most highlighted event that lasts for a week with parades, concerts and fireworks displays. every october, the boulevard is also flooded with tourists and locals because of the octoberfest. The boulevard will be lines of food establishments and concerts will play until midnight. Aside from that during the month of August, Silliman University holds ‘Hibalag’ Festival, that showcases the different courses, and colleges in the University. Such festival goes with the Founders day of the university and is a celebrated affair around the whole city as well with parades and events.

Safari In The Masai Mara

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A Masai Mara Safari Kenya is the first choice of many for their Kenya Safari Holiday, because it is renowned the world over for its exceptional game population, but mostly because of the immense annual migrationof the wildebeest every September and October.

The Masai Mara named for the Maasai tribespeople, and the river Mara which divide it. Situated in south west Kenya it is a continuation of the Serengeti national park in Tanzania.

The Masai Mara Game reserve is not the largest in Kenya for your in Kenya Safari, but it is certainly the best known. The whole park is within the Great Rift valley, and is the idea destination for a luxury african safari. Most of the wildlife is to be found in the swampy western border of the Masai Mara, and because this area is the furthest away from Nairobi, it is the open grasslands of the east that sees the greatest concentration of in Kenya safari tourists.


The Masai Mara is well known for lions, but all the othe members of the ‘big five’ are to be found here. The dominant inhabitant however is the wildebeest, and in July they migrate north to the Masai from Serengeti, and then go back outh again in October.

No Maai Mara Kenya Safari is complete without seeing this amazing migration of over a million wildebeest, and hundreds of thousands of Thmson’s Gazelle and Zebra. Naturally your safari will also include the predators on the fringe of the great migration, the lions and hyenas.

A Masai Mara safari with luck will include the Masai giraffe, the large Roan antelope, and the sptted hyena, plus over 450 species of bird life.

Lodges and camps to stay at, inside the reserve must include, Mara Serena, Governor’s Camp, Siana Springs tented camp, Mara Simba, Keekorok, and Sarova Mara.

Take a Masai Mara safari, you will not be disappointed.

Consider A Caribbean Cruise Special

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Caribbean Cruise Special

Come winter and your mind wanders to the lovely cruise ship sailing on the idle waters in your Caribbean cruise special. Why not make that dream come true? You may have the time of your life and the kids will love it as well. The best part of a cruise, as you would know, is a hassle-free trip where you are greeted with a fresh new panorama every morning and you unpack only once. Besides, your accommodation, food, entertainment, etc all are paid for in one price. However, if you decide on a Caribbean cruise this winter then choose a Caribbean cruise special. It is simply great.

A Caribbean cruise special often comes in several versions like a choice between a three, five or seven-day cruise, though people mostly prefer the latter as that offers four different destinations yet provides a couple of days cruising the calm seas with nothing to do but relax with a capital R.

Though a Caribbean cruise special comes “all inclusive”, i.e. your food, sleeping quarters and everything else paid for in one price, you may have to pay for alcoholic drinks as most of the cruise companies keep the bar apart from their usual fare. In some cases, even the tips are well looked after but here again, decency demands a generous tip to cabin and dining room stewards/stewardess.

Caribbean Cruise Special – How To Look For And Book A Cruise


Most travel agents offer a wide variety of choices in regard to a Caribbean cruise special. As a matter of fact, all cruise companies look forward to the winter season when they customarily offer their best ships for these specials. Here are some cruise lines to narrow down your choice – take the Royal Caribbean cruise or Celebrity cruise or Holland America Line, Carnival Cruise and of course, the Norwegian cruise Line. You are advised to carry out an online search to find out more about the various cruise companies, options and their specials.

Consider a Caribbean Cruise Special – If you are cruising for the first time

You want to find out whether a cruise is for you so do some research before deciding on a particular Caribbean cruise, otherwise you could be disappointed if it does not meet your expectations. Don’t forget you cannot leave the ship once you are aboard. For example, if you are a happy jovial young family, you will surely like Carnival cruises which are popularly called “Fun Cruises” as they cater for younger families and are always jam packed with parties and revelry. You may, on the other hand, prefer Holland America Line for the peace and tranquility aboard the ship if you prefer the quieter life, looking for peace and serenity on the high seas.

A Caribbean cruise special could be just the ticket for your winter vacation but choose carefully and I am sure you will have the time of your life.

Take A Tobago Vacation

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A Tobago vacation is something special, wherever you go, there will be aTobago beach just right for you, and wherever you choose to stay there will be a Tobago resort, Tobago Hotel, or a Tobago villa that is just right for you.

So what will you find when you go to Tobago on your Tobago vacation.

There is no doubt you will find picture postcard beaches with beautiful coral reefs containing some incredible wildlife including Manta Rays and giant Turtles.

Tobago is situated in the South Caribbean Sea being just 8 miles wide and 26 miles long, just north east of the island of Trinidad, and South East of Grenada. It is blessed with great weather and it doesn’t suffer from hurricanes being south of the hurricane belt. This makes it small enough that you can explore all the island in a couple of days, but not so small as to be claustrophobic.


When you explore Tobago you will find the locals are incredibly friendly, and you feel very safe. As you travel around Tobago you will find lovely uncommercialized little hamlets and villages with a background of either dense forest, calm blue Caribbean Sea or steep hillsides.

So what exactly has Tobago got that the rest of the Caribbean doesn’t have?

You won’t get dozens of five star glitzy resorts, nor will you get nightlife, so if that is what you want a Tobago vacation is not for you.

The pace of life in Tobago is a cross between slow and even slower!! Tobago is a place to chill out, so just arrive, sit back and relax!!

People who have taken a Tobago vacation will tell you that even as they step off the plane, they can feel the stress just slip away almost immediately. All you will see are huge broad smiles from the taxi driver to your hotel receptionist. On the way you will see the turquoise blue Caribbean, then either a cold Carib beer or a rum punch on arrival at your destination, where the best thing of all is that Tobago makes you feel welcome.

A Tobago vacation is a one off, this is unlike anywhere else in the world, and the number of repeat visitors is evidence of that.